hi I'm Leah! I'm a computer science student livin in a super exciting town called provo utah in the USA.

here are some blatherings and cute animals and things that make me laugh.

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whrrg4rb1 replied to your post: it’s great that Obama got reelected and…

I feel your pain :\ my facebook is blowing up with people from home saying they’re moving to Canada (which, of course, would not make sense if they actually thought about it)

some word-for-word statuses

"time to pack up my things and move to Canada"

"if obama won…maybe that means the world really is ending in december…?"

"well it’s 2012 and we were gonna die anyways"

"the end is near"

"who’s obama gonna blame it on when he screws up the economy the next four years?"

"Look at the bright side; now you don’t have to get a job."

Like I don’t consider myself a die hard obama fan but seriously people, he’s our president…

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  2. ghanaiangeek said: well, it wasn’t any different on the other side. the pro-obamas were saying the same thing about romney. okay yes, you preferred candiate didn’t win. no need to go super crazy. i pretty much take them as jokes and crack up.
  3. whrrg4rb1 said: ack. my favorites were: “There goes America….” and “And my faith in humanity drops to a new low” -_-
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