hi I'm Leah! I'm a computer science major and software developer at a startup in the salt lake city, utah area. also it's worth mentioning that i'm married to a great dude named stephen.

I used to blog a lot about CS and programming stuff but now this is mostly cute animals and things that make me laugh and really dumb things that come out of my brain!


it’s great that Obama got reelected and everything, but none of you guys are stuck in the middle of Utah Valley where some people genuinely believe this means the start of the apocalypse

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  2. zeste said: Ouch. Good luck with that, miss.
  3. kr-studios said: *hug* hang in there!
  4. hypersaw said: I live in IL, which as you saw was very blue. The town I’m from though is 99.9% republican, and they are probably losing their shit right about now. Same thing happened last time.
  5. timelord-clearly said: Sorry :(
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    hahahahahahhaahhaah the sad part is that people ACTUALLY think this
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