hi I'm Leah! I'm a computer science major and software developer at a startup in the salt lake city, utah area. also it's worth mentioning that i'm married to a great dude named stephen.

I used to blog a lot about CS and programming stuff but now this is mostly cute animals and things that make me laugh and really dumb things that come out of my brain!



shoutout to all the girls + women who have thick, dark, and abundant body hair and have to spend time and energy shaving every single day if they don’t want to be harassed by loved ones + strangers alike

shoutout to all the girls + women who decided its not worth their time, even if they only skip sometimes, and endure criticism, harassment, and stigma as the price for their own freedom of time + comfort

Worst. April Fools’ day. Ever.

Today I’d like to share a story about a great injustice I was subjected to in my childhood. Though committed in 1997, it weighs heavy on my heart and soul to this very day.

Leah Eating April Fools Sandwitch

It all started on a typical April morning. I was (most likely) walking around the living room on all fours pretending to be a dalmatian, and my two brothers were probably watching Power Rangers.

“What’s for dinner tonight,…

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1 // Sometimes during the winter I forget what my legs look like. And legs are so cool! I hate running, but when I look at my knees and feet and toes and calves, I want to run for miles just because I can.

2 // The wedding thank-you cards I ordered finally came in. I’ve been putting off writing them. (If you’re married,) how long did it take for your thank-yous to get out?

3 // I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had literally never eaten a fresh mango until last week. (The candy flavor has always turned me off.) But since then, I have eaten one every day.

4 // I love the way our herbs grow towards the light. Plants are so cute.

5 // My baby mullet! If you ever want to appreciate how fast your hair grows, cut it all off. You’ll notice every single half-inch.

6 // A good Costco run. Notice the six mangoes — all for me.

7 // The easiest and most delicious summer meal. Frozen shrimp, lemon slices, salt + pepper + garlic powder, 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. We eat it with rice and fruit and spinach salad.

8 // Why is this stuff so intoxicating? One of these days, that scent is going to fool me into gulping down the entire bottle. Which I’m sure I will promptly regret.

6 // We ruv each other.

Lately 1 // Sometimes during the winter I forget what my legs look like. And legs are so cool!

Update in blogland

You may have noticed that I recently renamed and redesigned this corner of the web.

I will now exclaim, with a heavy heart and full acceptance that I have officially become a typical “blogger”…WHEEEEEEEEE!

I felt like the lady in this video. But instead of making weird sexual-sounding gasp-y noises about rainbow sponges, I was making them about my blog.


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"I’m not your boyfriend"

And instantly Peter Capaldi crushed thousands of whouffle shippers.

my mother in law just sent me an email addressing me as “Leah-chan” and giving me a cookie recipe

on being taken seriously as a female scientist.

As a brand new freshman at my university, I dove straight into the computer science major, where I found that most of my classmates were men 4+ years older than me. Sounds weird, because it is weird. BYU is a wonky place where all the men delay their studies to serve two-year missions for the church. I was also a bit young for my grade, so there’s that.

Anyway, being an 18-year-old girl working…

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Well friends, it looks like it’s about that time. You know. Time for me to start blogging incessantly about our wedding! Prepare yourself for a torrential downpour of dresses, cakes, flowers, and other expensive things.

This post will be about the pre-wedding festivities. I don’t have many great pictures of those days, but we’ll see what I can dig up.

It began on Thursday, June 19, when we packed up and made the drive from Provo to Orange County. Anyone who’s ever made that long drive down the I-15 knows about good old Whiskey Pete’s — the classiest establishment this side of the rockies. We caught the jumbotron at an awkward time (notice the cursor on the screen).

Friday, the day before the wedding, was all about the flowers. We woke up early to get to the LA flower market to pick out a reasonable amount of flowers. Ok just kidding it was like 4 million flowers. It was kind of a nightmare. They were taking over our entire car. They sure were pretty, though.

Some of my super awesome bridesmaids came over and we worked all morning in my parents’ backyard to create all the centerpieces and bouquets. Stephen helped with flowers for a bit, and then went to the airport to pick up a couple of his groomsmen who had flown in from Utah.

After the flowers were (mostly) done, my mom took us all out to Souplantation for lunch. I was crazy about these delicious strawberry buttermilk muffins they had. I had to carbo-load before the big day.

Then my mom and I went out to get our nails done while Stephen and his friends went to the beach.


I don’t have a photo of getting my nails done, so enjoy this stolen photo of Stephen and his friends at the beach.

That afternoon, we all went down to the venue and did a little rehearsal for the ring ceremony. We just did sound checks, went over where everyone would be walking and standing, and talked about the order of the ceremony.

At the rehearsal, it finally hit me how many people were helping out with our little wedding. My bridesmaids had arranged so many centerpieces, Stephen’s friends had traveled all the way there, my brother was handling the music, everyone was helping to decorate the venue, my uncle was doing the MCing, my friend Jordan was singing at the ring ceremony, and various other family members and friends were contributing in so many other ways. I had been planning and talking about it with everyone for months, but on that day, I saw everyone come together to make it happen. It was really cool.

That evening, my aunt and uncle threw us a rehearsal dinner at their house. My cousin Kayla baked these amazing cupcakes and lemon bars and made really cute decorations for all the tables. At first I wasn’t sure about the whole rehearsal dinner thing, because I knew I’d be exhausted and busy that day, but it was such a great evening and I’m so glad we decided to do it. Both sides of the family were able to introduce themselves and mingle with each other. We had a lot of fun playing silly games and just chatting.

(notice anything funny about that first picture of me with my bridesmaids? heh heh.)

When it got a bit later, my bridesmaids whisked me away for a little bachelorette party full of questionably-shaped everythings, from balloons to rice krispie treats. I’ve made a few questionably-shaped sheet cakes in my day, and it was fun to be on the receiving end.

It was at Karli’s parents’ house, and my favorite part of the night was when we were outside sitting around the fire, talking loudly about stuff, when Karli’s mom opened her second-story bedroom window which faced the backyard and shouted “Hey girls, I’m sure the neighbors are really enjoying this, but you might want to think about keeping the volume down a little bit!” It was too funny. I had the best bridesmaids!

10431955_783820574981580_922844964_nI headed home around 11 and quickly made a bunch of boutonnieres and corsages. When I finally got in bed, I relaxed and enjoyed the view of my dress hanging on the curtain rod; I couldn’t believe the day had finally come! I actually wasn’t freaking out at all — I just dropped right off to sleep within minutes. I was obviously excited to get married and wear the gown and carry around the flowers and be surrounded by my friends in coordinating dresses, but most of all, I was looking forward to actually hanging out with Stephen. Everything had been so busy that we hadn’t really spent any quality time together since the road trip! That’s just how weddings are, I guess.

IMG_5532Keep smiling and nodding, because you’ve got at least two more of these posts to read. Stay tuned for the next installment, which will probably happen after I get our pro photos back this weekend! Alriiiight.

Pre-wedding festivities Well friends, it looks like it’s about that time. You know. Time for me to start blogging incessantly about our wedding! 

mint limeade

Last week, someone was telling me about this out-of-this-world mint limeade they got at a food truck. (Oh, you know how people get about food trucks.) I had to admit it sounded pretty great. Mint leaves, fresh lime juice, sugar around the rim, the whole shebang. I’m a complete sucker for frilly drinks in general. The whole stuff-around-the-rim thing just gets me, you know?

Well, I couldn’t stop…

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Today, in an attempt to pretend we have actual damage-inducing firearms instead of cheap bb guns, we filled up some balloons with baby powder and shot them out of the air. It…kinda looked like smoke? Sort of? Success!

Unfortunately, it was really tedious to fill the balloons and then blow them up without getting baby powder in our lungs. So we spent most of the day shooting at our usual target: shaken-up soda cans.

We also spotted an adorable baby praying mantis and helped some dandelions reproduce. (you’re welcome, dandelions.)

I’ve always considered myself a cold-weather person, but I think I’m starting to adapt to this heat. All you have to do is just accept the sweat, you know? I think a part of me will actually miss these hot summer days when they pass.

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend!

p.s. I made a new “about” page on this little blog if you wanna see! It’s right over here.

another summer saturday in the canyon. Today, in an attempt to pretend we have actual damage-inducing firearms instead of cheap bb guns, we filled up some balloons with baby powder and shot them out of the air.